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Day 7: Praying that Faith in Jesus is Awakened in Families

Updated: Nov 27, 2019


There is only one king who is King over all kings, His name is Jesus. He is alive. He has eyes of burning fire because of His zeal to purify everything with His burning love. He is holy. He refines hearts and awakens people to their destinies on this earth. He died and arose from the dead to bring freedom, healing, and deliverance to everyone who calls on His Name. He is the Deliverer. He responds when people look to Him for help. He has all the authority and power. There is no match for the Worthy One.


God chose fasting as a spiritual key to break the bonds of wickedness through faith. As faith increases, unbelief wanes. We all struggle with unbelief; however, fasting is a catalyst for faith in Christ to increase. When we see rightly, everything becomes possible by the blood of Christ. The Holy Spirit will purify those who invite Him to wash them with His presence. He awakens hearts to the beauty and person of Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 58 provides 9 promises of how God uses fasting to break bonds and patterns of sin, set the oppressed free, bring revelation of God's Word, cause healing (emotional, physical, mental, etc.) to spring forth, cause righteousness to surface in areas of struggle in our hearts, and cause the glory and power of the Lord to operate in our lives. That is the AWAKENING that we are contending for in families!


Cry out to God. Read Isaiah 58 out loud. Pray it. Declare the promises of God from that chapter over your family. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any offensive way in your heart. Repent. Declare your faith in the Word of God. Come into agreement with Jesus' leadership and His desire to see faith arise and people prayed for and set free. Write down what the Holy Spirit is saying and continue to pray for faith to arise in your spirit so that you are ready to obey Jesus out of love.


Ask Abba Father for the fear of the Lord to fall upon families in this land. Ask Him to release faith. Pray for families to cry out to God so that bonds of wickedness are broken. Ask Holy Spirit to bring alignment of people's thoughts with the mind of Christ. Pray for people to repent for twisted perspectives. Call forth truth and grace in the Name of Jesus so that faith arises in all families in this land.

Awaken to action, let's shift history through prayer and fasting!

Bryan Schroeder

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