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7 Reasons Why I'm Calling a 21- Day Fast

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

The days we are living in are unlike any before. Maybe you’re feeling helpless to know how to raise your children in today’s society. Maybe you’re losing hope as you look around and see society’s morals crumbling and immorality increasing. The devil uses passivity, lethargy, and confusion to oppress many people. And parenting becomes more difficult every day. Despite the affects of darkness touching many lives, our hope remains strong in Jesus Christ. I believe now is a moment in history when we must fast and pray together. By God's grace, I believe that it will be life-changing for this next generation.

We can shift history or be shifted by it. Men and women of faith have shifted history with simple faith, by humbling themselves through prayer and fasting. I want to raise our expectations of encountering Jesus’ love and power.

We need to be following the leading of the Holy Spirit in our families, schools (education system), churches, and city.

My desire is to see young people fully awakened to their purpose, with their identities and destinies rooted in Christ. I believe that will only happen when men and women fast and pray like God instructs us to in His Word.

I believe God wants to use young people to release the love, power, and gospel of Jesus Christ in unprecedented ways. I believe He wants the older generation to turn and serve the young people as tender-hearted fathers and mothers, supplying them with grace, forgiveness, and encouragement. God is waiting for and inviting His people to seek Him with all their heart and soul, and to cry out to Him with prayer and fasting.

Let’s take action together. Now is the time to stretch your faith, try an experiment in your walk with God, and believe that God will honour your willingness to trust Him. Experiments with our faith lead us to expect more from God. It is time for us to respond.

How Do We Take Action?

I am inviting you to try something that you may have never tried before, an extended fast. I am going to fast and pray like Daniel did, I invite you to join me. At a young age, Daniel resolved to love God wholeheartedly and walk in righteousness and justice in an idolatrous society. Living that way was only possible through his persistent prayer, fasting, and meditation on God’s Word. As a result, the Lord gave Daniel much grace, protection, understanding, and revelation. Daniel was still fasting and praying in his 80’s! God is looking for men and women whom He can trust with His Word and His power. I want to see the next generation living fully in the calling God has for them.

I started fasting as a faith experiment and God responded by changing my heart. As a spiritual discipline, I have been fasting food one day a week (not perfectly!) for nearly 10 years. God has used fasting in my life to bring me into

1. Greater holiness by convicting me of pride and self-reliance,

2. Deeper intimacy with Jesus by receiving His jealous love for me, and

3. Enlightening revelation by giving me dreams, visions, and ears to hear His Spirit clearer.

It has been a lifeline for me as God uses it to align my heart with His affections. Today I am filled with more faith than ever before to see God do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us (Ephesians 3:20). However, we must ask and seek Him how He instructs us to, through prayer and fasting with expectancy.


- Is God’s appointed way for us to humble ourselves.

- Is a catalyst for growth, and for truth to go deeper in our hearts.

- Increases our capacity to experience God’s love, power, and direction.

- Is described by Jesus as equally normal and necessary for a believer as are praying and giving to the needy are (Matt. 6).

- Is key to internal victory.

- Is generally understood as abstaining from food for spiritual purposes.*

*However, it can also be an abstaining from other pleasures (TV, social media, entertainment) for the greater pleasure of knowing and loving Jesus more.

Daniel excluded delicacies and pleasant food from his diet and ate a meagre diet for basic nourishment (likely from seeds and plants) to specifically seek the Lord as he understood the times and seasons according to the Word of the Lord (Daniel 9, 10; Jeremiah 25). God sees our heart and honours our efforts, even if we eat food 10 minutes into our food fast! I imagine Jesus saying, “Way to go! You fasted for 10 minutes!” And then we try again; perseverance and grace are keys to fasting. That is part of the process of humbling ourselves. We train ourselves to hunger for God more than for food - even if it is just for 10 minutes!

Now is the time for action. There are many brothers and sisters in Christ across the globe who are awakening to a longing for the presence and move of God like never before. His Spirit is moving. Jesus is coming soon. The Father is beckoning us to wake up and get ready. We must get ready. Who will go to the lost with the gospel?

Why a 21-day fast?

The length of the fast reflects my heightened desperation and hunger to see God move powerfully among us. We all can see the need for more of God’s presence in our families, education system, and city. The longer fasts recorded in the Bible always preceded great transitions in the spiritual and the natural. The Holy One of Israel was faithful doing His part. He is looking for and waiting for people to do their part. Let’s respond to His invitation by praying and fasting together.

Check out https://www.ihopkc.org/about/fasting-guidelines-and-information/ to learn more about fasting. Fasting is always voluntary and between you and God. You can choose to fast something other than food too, or choose to fast sweets or eating after supper, or fast one meal. It is up to you. I invite you to fast something and increase the time that you spend in prayer and worship as a result.

I believe this fast

- Is a small but significant step for us to humble ourselves and cry out to Jesus to bring holy transition to our land.

- Will help position ourselves to prepare for revival, to be sent out to the lost, and for the soon return of the Lord.

- Will shift your heart so that you look back 10 years from now and identify this fast as a launch pad into your destiny and your child(ren)’s.

- Will foster more of the passion, purity, and power of Christ.

I will continue to send out blog posts leading up to the fast to encourage you and to focus on the biblical truths of what I believe our heavenly Father is highlighting now in this season. I will highlight one reason in each blog why I am calling this fast. I encourage you to choose at least one specific reason why you would join this fast also.

The focused topics are:

1. Fasting to return to loving Jesus Christ wholeheartedly

2. Fasting for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit with dreams, visions, and gifts

3. Fasting to turn the hearts of men and women to the children

4. Fasting for the release of divine revelation like Daniel received in Daniel 10

5. Fasting to win spiritual battles as the Father graciously responds from heaven

6. Fasting to yearn for intimacy with Jesus as our affectionate bridegroom

7. Fasting to break the bonds of wickedness and unbelief so healing appears

Prayer Focuses:

Days 1-7: Praying for Families

Days 8-14: Praying for schools and the education system

Days 15-21: Praying for churches and the city

Let’s engage our faith, humble ourselves, and stop doing ‘business as usual’ so that we are ready for the change that the Holy Spirit wants to bring into our families, schools, churches, and city. Teach me your ways O Lord and I will walk in them; give me an undivided heart that I may fear your Name (Ps. 86:11).

Join me in Praying:

Father in Heaven, you are good. Thank you that you are faithful, kind, and merciful. Wake me up to your plans and purposes in my home, my city, and my country. Speak to my heart and change my life. Guide me how to participate in this fast. May your Holy Spirit strengthen me to seek you with all my heart and soul in this season. I love you Jesus. I ask for courage and grace to stay steady. Amen.

Let’s awaken to action and shift history!

Bryan Schroeder

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